"Above H1" mini-SWB Headlinet

Do You Have Any Used Juggling Equipment to Sell?
Or Are You Looking to Buy Some?

This is the place! 

Do you have any "gently" used juggling equipment that you no longer need or want? Maybe it's time to "upgrade" and you can let go of some of current juggling equipment. Well, we're here to help!

You can enter your info in the form below. Once approved (that it's relevant) you will have your page live, right here on JuggleNow. People will be able to ask you questions right there too.

Tips for listing your Juggling item... 

  • Include a picture if you can. ("A picture is worth a thousand words.")

  • Describe the item for sale as accurately as you can. Include condition. If you know the original price, you might want to include that so buyers can compare.
  • You should include the price you want for the item
  • Include contact information. A phone number or email address, or both, is best. (If it's an email, we will put it in like name [at] domain.com rather than name@domain.com since "live" email addresses on the web can be picked up by spammers. And we don't want to see that happen to you!)
  • You can come back to your page, and update it by leaving a comment when it's sold. You can also enter other comments to help you make a sale.Note that submissions are subject to review. Don't oversell. Good, honest facts will best help you make the sale.