"Above H1" mini-SWB Headlinet

The World Juggling Day

Share YOUR World Juggling Day plans! Where will you be? What will you be juggling? 

Juggle a little or a lot, but it's the day we all need to get out those clubs, balls, rings, apples, chainsaws, torches, eggs, whatever ya got! ;-) Hey, if you have a picture of you juggling, that'd be wonderful. Just include it when you enter your info below. 

It doesn't have to be anything organized (but let us know if it is!). Even if you plan to take a few minutes and toss some balls around in your back yard, good enough, you'll still be part of the World Juggling Day community.

Take a couple minutes to enter your info below, and then! Let your friends know about it. They can even comment on your entry.